The Other Look of Female Entrepreneurship

The present study, presents another look of intervention, analysis,observation and attention of the phenomenon called entrepreneurship with women, uses another paradigm, which was applied from the beginning of the same. It revalues some particular characteristics of womenthat represent it as unique and different . In this regard, bet on strengthening processes, exercise of rights and sustainability for productive enterprises, through associativity, recover the collective(family-community) and others in a framework of "live well"

Memory International Forum "Youth Employment Realities and Challenges"

The formation and training, the labor insertion and the entrepreneurship of the young people constitute a central issue in the economic development of the countries of the region, not only because it allows the growth of the economies and the productivity but also because it allows the personal growth of young women and men on the threshold of their path to a dignified and full life.

Análisis y reflexiones sobre un modelo exitoso de empleo sostenible

Bolivia faces the challenge of creating better social, economic, and cultural conditions for different sectors of the population, especially young people. One of them is linked to the creation of opportunities for decent work conditions.

Perfil de la joven emprendedora urbana en Bolivia

This document was produced with technical support from the government of Canada through Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio y Desarrollo (MRECD), Oxfam on the Mujeres Jóvenes Emprendedoras con Mejores Ingresos, La Caixa Foundation – Spain and Horreum Foundation - Spain

Foro Municipal de Empleo Juvenil

The principle is as simple as convincing; the youths are no longer considered a promise of future and now are actors of development in the municipality of La Paz. According to the Statistical Compendium of the Municipio de La Paz, the total adolescent and youth population between 15 and 29 years is 258,000. That is, around 4 in 10 people in the town are young.

Mujeres Jóvenes Emprendedoras con Mejores Ingresos

The issue of youth entrepreneurship is an area prone to greater projection towards the future, because it improves the opportunities for young people who want to be inserted in the world of decent and dignified work

Encuentro de Juventudes

Systematization of Encuentro de Juventudes

Encuentro de Jóvenes La Paz y El Alto


Identificación de Lineamientos de Politicas para el Enfoque Educativo

Final Document - Experiences of two projects to provide guidelines for public policy proposal for the Identification of Guidelines for Mainstreaming Educational Focus in Public Policy on Adolescents and Youth Work

Memoria del proyecto Justicia=Mis Derechos, Mis Obligaciones y Mi Inclusión


Capacitación Laboral para Jóvenes "YO PUEDO"

Overcoming vulnerability of young people with quality jobs and increased income.

Mujeres construyendo una Bolivia con equidad y justicia

Accounts of the First Summit of Women of the 20 provinces of the department of La Paz.

Sistematización de Proyecto Mujeres Emprendedoras con Liderazgo en Salud Reproductiva

For most of the world's women, good health remains elusive.

Digamos no a la Trata de Personas

The reality of our cities shows that there are young people living a large number of dangers.

Guia para la Lucha contra la Trata de Personas

Project to combat human trafficking, a commitment of social organizations.